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Ivan Nikolov Poetry Award - 2017

Valentin Dishev and Krasimir Vardiev are the laureates of the National Prize for Poetry “Ivan Nikolov” for 2017. They won the prize, respectively, with the poems “I go zhiveia” (“And I Live It”) and “S(r)amota”.

The personal award for poetry on behalf of Bozhana Apostolova went to Elin Rakhnev for his recently published poetry book “Zelda” and Petar Chukhov for his latest poetry book “Addicted”. The prizes were presented at the official ceremony held on December 21 in the hall of the Union of Bulgarian Architects.

This year's jury composed of: Ekaterina Josifova (Chairman), Bojko Lambovski and Konstantin Trendafilov (members) decided to nominate more poetic books issued during the period October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2017. The selection of 9 poetry collections from the total 57 indicates that, the despite the neglect of state institutions, poetry in Bulgaria is not only alive but also in very good condition.

The following books of poetry have been nominated:
  • Valentin Dishev – “I go zhiveia” (“And I Live It”), Publishing house “Scribens/ARS”
  • Vladislav Khristov – “Obratno broene” (“Back Counting”), Publishing house “Ergo”
  • Zlatozar Petrov – “Toplo zhivotno i drugi stikhotvoreniia” (“Warm Animal and Other Poems”), Publishing house for poetry “DA”
  • Ivajlo Dobrev – “Vmesto glavobolie” (“Instead of Headache”), Publishing house for poetry “DA”
  • Iliian Liubomirov – “Liato” (“Summer”), Publishing house “Janet 45”
  • Jordanka Beleva – “Propusnatiiat moment” (“The Missed Moment”), Publishing house “Janet 45”
  • Krasimir Vardiev – “S(r)amota”, Publishing house for poetry “DA”
  • Margarita Serafimova – “Demoni i sviat” (“Demons and World”), Publishing House “Black Flamingo”
  • Svetla Radkova – “E.”, Publishing house “Janet 45”
The National Prize for Poetry “Ivan Nikolov” was founded in 1994 by the publishing house “Janet 45” and is given annually for 22nd time. Through it the publishing house testifies its support for Bulgarian poetry and literature. The first prize winner is the poet Khristo Fotev, and the poetess Aksiniia Mikhajlova won the prize in 2015 (In 2016 there was no award ceremony).

The winners of the Ivan Nikolov Prize are distinguished Bulgarian poets and writers such as Kristo Fotev, Konstantin Pavlov, Ivan Tsanev, Ekaterina Josifova, Ivan Teofilov, Nikolaj Kunchev, Kalina Kovacheva, Nikolaj Zaiakov, Ivan Metodiev and Stanka Pencheva, along with their young colleagues Ani Ilkov, Georgi Gospodinov, Dobromir Tonev, Sofia Nestorova, Silviia Choleva, Krasimira Zafirova, Kristin Dimitrova, Anton Baev, Aleksandur Sekulov, Petar Chukhov.

Ivan Nikolov is a talented poet, former editor-in-chief of one of the brightest publishing houses before 1989 – “Hristo G. Danov”. He is also one of the best translators of Russian poetry and prose. His works are remarkable translations of Pushkin, Esenin, Marina Tsvetaeva, Bulat Okujava and others. Author of more than twenty books.


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Ivan Nikolov Poetry Award - 2017

Bulgarian Literary Event – 2016

Commemoration - 2016

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